Meet the Team

Our committed and compassionate vet team provide top level professional care for all of your animals.

About The Clinic

Our clinic was opened in 2012 with the main goal of offering quality loving services for our four-legged friends. Our company’s vision is to continue to improve on what we can offer by constantly upgrading our services and medical equipment.

Services & Facilities

Our commitment is to make your pet's health our priority, from youth to old age, from first steps to last, with care, compassion and dedication. Our mission is to deal with all your needs and to help make your pet owning experience as rewarding as possible.

At our vet clinic, we believe in preventative medicine, but if your pet becomes ill, we can offer the latest equipment to make a quick diagnosis and provide effective treatment.


Daily appointments.
Pet Health Consultations.
Pet Grooming.
Teeth Cleaning.
Home Visits.
Farm Visits.
Dog Training.
Microchip Passports.


Operating Theatre.
Short and long-term board & lodging.
Post-Op. Recovery Suite.
In Clinic Shop.
Off Street Parking.


Within the clinic you will find a big selection of pet food and accessories which will cover any needs that your pet has.


Royal Canin

Official Suppliers
Vio-Dog canned food for adult dogs.


Dog food
Vio-Cat canned food for adult cats.


Cat food.
Rinti premium canned food for adult dogs.


Dog food
Dry food for fish and terrapins.

Fish Food

Dry Fish Food
Dog shampoos for all different types of hair.


Pet Shampoos
Royal Canin therapeutic dog food for gastroenteritis related conditions.

Royal Canin

Dry Dog Food
Royal Canin Premium Dog Food

Royal Canin

Premium Dog Food
Royal Canin therapeutic cat food for urinary conditions.

Royal Canin

Dry Cat Food
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Royal Canin

Specialised Cat Food
A range of premium quality pet leashes.

Flexi Leashes

A range of leashes
A large selection of toys for pets.

Pet Toys

Pet toy range
Brushes and nail cutters for dogs and cats.

Pet Grooming

Brushes & Nail Cutters
Fabric carry bags for your pet.

Carry Cases

Fabric Cases
Fabric carry bags for your pet.


Super Premium Adult Dog Food
Fabric carry bags for your pet.

Collars & Leads

Pet leads and collars
Fabric carry bags for your pet.


Dry Dog Food

Ever Clean

Premium Quality Cat Litter
Plastic carrying cages for dogs and cats

Pet Cages

Plastic Carry Cases
Dog and cat beds and cushions

Pet Beds

For cats and dogs
Smoked chewing bones and treats for dogs.


Chewing treats for dogs
Food and water bowls for dogs and cats.

Pet Bowls

For cats and dogs
 range of pet clothes for small dogs

Pet Clothes

Pet clothes for small dogs
 range of pet clothes for small dogs


For your pets collar

Contact Us

Giorgos Karatheopoulos Veterinary Centre

Kranidi Junction,
21300 Kranidi,

27540 22348
Monday: 09:00 - 14:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 14:00, 18:00 - 20:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 14:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 14:00, 18:00 - 20:00
Friday: 09:00 - 14:00, 18:00 - 20:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 14:00
Sunday: CLOSED.